In the event of a Collision

Know Your Rights
As stated in the Ontario Auto Insurance Consumer's Bill of Rights, Section 13 it is your right to choose your repair facility. Drive or have your vehicle towed to the experts at Action Collision to restore your vehicle to showroom standards.

If involved in a collision take the following steps:
1. Ensure safety of all occupants. Call 911 if anyone is injured.
2. Move Vehicles to a safe location (if drivable).
3. Exchange information but do not sign for anyone other than the Police!
4. Drive or have your vehicle towed to Action Collision.

The Repair Process:

1. Estimate established, repair plan developed and agreed upon. We receive customer and insurance approvals.
2. Order parts and check for accuracy.
3. Structural repairs are made to manufacturer specifications.
4. Body repairs are made with quality assurance verification.
5. Paint preparation, painting and re-assembly.
7. Detailing inside and out and final quality control.
8. Complete delivery!